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History of the company TESLA ELECTRONTUBES S.R.O.

TESLA ElectronTubes
TESLA ElectronTubes
TESLA ElectronTubes

In 1922, 78 years ago, the company named Radioslavia Ltd. started its activity. This company was the predecessor of TESLA Vršovice. In the summer of 1923 this limited company changed to S.A. with capital from the French company Companie General.
The company's first activity was import of first generation of radiotelegraph transmitters and receivers which of this time were in demand. The first activity was only business, because it was very profitable for the French and Czech owners. With the appearance of strong competition from Philips and from Telefunken, Radioslavia was faced with financial problems.
The share ownership changed around 1926, when the Agricultural Bank received the majority of domestic shares. The Bank's close contact with the Defence Ministry brought new orders for military equipment. This made the company profitable again.
In 1932 Radioslavia Ltd. cooperates closely with English Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. At this time assemply of radioreceivers, imported from England started.
By 1936 Radioslavia produced transmitting tubes for Marconi, with Marconi's brandname on them. At the same time, the first middle wave transmitter was produced with output power of 100 kW.
After that Radioslavia produced its own type of tubes. Typical example of this generation of tube is RD 150 YA.
During the 2nd world war the range of products did not change.
After the 2nd world war, the equipment of Radioslavia was relocated to the factory in Praha- Vršovice, where the company can be found today.

After 1948 TESLA became the successor of Radioslavia. The production and the development of new generation tubes had grown. To this generation, besides radio transmitting tubes belonged also TV transmitting tubes, which were exported to Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The power output was from 100 kW- 150kW. Isolation parts of vacuum envelopes were made of glass, in the sixties technological progress brought the ceramic-metal technology. Thoriated tungsten cathodes replaced pure tungsten cathodes. The technology of grid, cathode production and heating technologies developped a lot. Some tubes were equivalents to foreign production, some tubes constituted their own range. They were made in TESLA Hloubetin, which later became an independent producer of TV transmitters. From this production we can mention tubes RE 5 XN, RD 10 XL, RD 70 VL, ZD 70 VL etc. These tubes contained water or air or vapour cooled anodes.
In the seventies generation of new tubes with a vacuum technology- ceramic/metal were produced. Ceramic parts replaced the glass parts.

Following the development of big radio transmitters, TESLA Vršovice was challenged to create a new tube for these transmitters. An assignement which had never been realized before. For that TESLA needed new equipment and the development of new technology. The result was the biggest ceramic 250 kW triode, followed by all products of ceramic tubes, especially for TV transmitters and FM frequency radio transmitters.
Besides electron tubes, we can find products for medical industry, diagnostical equipment, and radiolocators, such as betatrons and hydrogene thyratrons.
With cooperation of the research institute for vacuum technology the production of power klystrons for TV transmitters IV and V frequency began.

During its history, TESLA went through many organization changes.

In the early seventies TESLA returned to its status of independent company.

In 1980 TESLA experienced a merger with the research institute for vacuum technology. This merger lasted ten years.

In 1990 TESLA became totally independent and in 1992 its transformation to company limited was finished. Since then TESLA has been a manufacturer / distributor of:

  • Transmitting tubes and high- power klystrons for use in broadcasting and television transmitters with high frequency output power ranging from watts to megawatts
  • Power grid tubes for use in R.F. heating and industrial applications
  • Vacuum interrupters for use in vacuum contractors for motor control

Besides the Czech market, TESLA products appear on the market of central Europe. Some products penetrated the market of Africa and America.

In 2006, the company owners have been changed, as well as the name - now the company is registered as TESLA ElectronTubes s.r.o. . Another change is that we have moved from Prague city to a new area just outsite the city.

Tubes of older type have been refurbished with a new technology of ceramic isolation. New types of tubes have been developed, these are equivalent to some tubes, which were used to be made by our competitors and not made anymore.
TESLA endeavours to adapt its production to the new trend - amplyfier tubes.
Among our products we continue to produce the tubes for maintenance of older TV transmitters and industrial equipment.

Brand new area of our production is broadcasting – starting with spare parts for older transmitters, broadcasting components, up to complete systems for broadcasting of AM/FM radio signal.